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Hancock Record Editor's Column

Who is this new person on the Hancock Record opinion page?

My name is Rae Yost and while I may be unfamiliar to readers of the Hancock Record I'm no stranger to community newspapers.

I've spent more than 30 years at dailies and weeklies in Minnesota and Iowa and all would be described as community newspapers as is the Morris Sun Tribune where I am the editor. To me, community newspapers are defined as those that reflect their communities in news of neighbors, the city, the school and the county. The opinions, columns and letters to the editor will discuss issues and thoughts from readers and others.

Hancock Record readers had a dedicated editor in Katie Erdman for 26 years. The community is fortunate to have its own newspaper. I know that readers cherish having a newspaper that covers Hancock news.

Over the past 30 years I've been a part of changing and challenging times at every single newspaper in which I've worked. Staff sizes have been reduced, staff structures have shifted and I've learned new ways to file stories, take photos and design pages and more.

But while the ways and means in which we deliver news, gather news and produce that news has changed, the one constant is the desire to bring readers the local community news.

Forum Communications Company is dedicated to community news. It understands the important role newspapers have in informing its readers about council decisions, school plays and the neighbor who makes quilts for missions overseas.

So, while faces and names will change in the Hancock Record, the dedication to local community news won't. I may tell the stories differently as will any free lance writer or correspondent, but the community news emphasis will remain.

At any newspaper in which I've worked, the graciousness of readers who share their stories is invaluable. Newspapers need readers who are willing to be interviewed, willing to share a story idea or tip, willing to answer a question when the editor or reporter calls to follow-up on a council decision or a story idea.

I cherish the relationships newspapers form with their communities. It's a reason why I love the job. I look forward to meeting members of the Hancock community. I look forward to telling your stories.