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Editor's column

Jon Hughes smooths the siding of his house on Ridge Road in preparation to paint it. Hughes was working during one recent weekend in Morris. Rae Yost/Sun Tribune. 1 / 2
Zac Grant works on the roof of a house he owns in Morris with his parents Randy and Shelly Grant. He and family members were replacing the roof during one recent weekend. Rae Yost/Sun Tribune2 / 2

I took a bike ride around town during one recent beautiful Saturday.

Lots of folks were outdoors to catch up on yard and garden work or do some exterior house work.

I think you could hear a lawnmower or hammer, or voices in nearly every neighborhood.

None of that activity is particular to Morris. It's not unusual on a nice day or nice evening to see homeowners working on their lawns or homes.

Those mowing their lawns, picking vegetables or hammering may not have made it their first choice on a Saturday afternoon.

Some may have rather been playing ball in the backyard like their neighbors. Others may have wanted to be at a college football game. Some folks may have wanted to be fishing on the lake or putting on the golf course.

Even those who watched a big college game indoors that afternoon likely got outdoors that morning or evening or the next day.

We've all heard it, said it, or thought it. Spring, summer and fall seem to pass quickly in Minnesota.

On those last nice days of the season we are happy and content to pick up the hammer, push the mower or walk on the sidewalk because no matter what we are doing, we are absorbing those final nice days of the season like a squirrel gathers nuts for the winter.

I was content to ride around Morris and hear the rhythm of the mowers, hammers and voices.