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Talking it over: Another Grandparents Day

Last year I was at the school taking pictures on grandparents day and couldn’t help but wish I could be there as a grandparent and not a photographer. This year my wish came true. Monday was once again grandparents’ day at the school and this time I was invited by my granddaughter who is in kindergarten.

Jaedyn was able to have two grandmothers and one grandfather join her for the day. The morning was dedicated to the kindergarten through second grades and in the afternoon the third through sixth grades invited their grandparents.

The time we spent there seemed to fly by as we moved with Jaedyn from station to station. At our first station we took turns reading to her. The second station was a craft station where we made two special crafts and had our picture taken to go with one of them. The third station was Grandpa’s favorite as it involved coffee and cookies and more drawings. In the last station, there were several games to choose from that we could play with our grandchild.

Each one was lots of fun and we all enjoyed the one on one time we spent with our grandchild. I can see how this is a very popular event for both the children and the adults as you are able to spend this fun time together. It is wonderful that the teachers and other staff members are willing to put up with us older students for a few hours and manage to direct us through the crafts, games, lessons and simply finding our way from room to room.

There were a few children whose grandparents live too far away or, for one reason or another, could not join them. I noticed that there were some volunteers who stepped in to accompany them so they weren’t alone. What a great way for grandparents who live here but are a long ways from their own grandchildren, to enjoy the day too.

I am now looking forward to this day in the future. Before long we will have two grandchildren to accompany through the morning and will probably have to share the events with both. It will be double the fun then and I can’t wait for that day.