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Talking it Over: Love to fish

Fishing is a sport that requires a lot of patience. That is probably why it is not always a favorite sport for small children. Spending a long period of time in a boat or on a dock without something else to entertain them is usually not what most children want to do. I know my own children would be all excited about fishing until we spent 30 minutes in the boat without any action. Then their thoughts turned to wanting a snack, having to go to the bathroom or anything else that would bring them to shore.

I have found that taking my grandchildren fishing is a bit different than my own children. I have been ready for all their requests and usually prepared to quit when they are. Therefore, last weekend when my husband and I took our five-year-old granddaughter, Jaedyn, out fishing we were surprised by her requests.

Jaedyn has fished a little bit off the dock and we did some sunfishing last year on vacation. When her little sister and parents all laid down for a nap, we decided to entertain her with some fishing in the boat.

She was so excited and kept repeating the rhyme I taught her, “Fishy, fishy in the brook, come and bite upon my hook.” She loved it when Grandpa caught a fish and couldn’t figure out why he caught all of them and we could not catch any.

After about an hour, I figured everyone at home had slept long enough and I started to bring up going in. We were surprised when Jaedyn said “No, I’m not ready to quit” even though she was not catching anything. She wanted to stay out there until she caught, not just one, but two fish.

Eventually Jaedyn and I managed to catch a fish and she was pretty happy. She still wanted to continue fishing but Grandpa and Grandma were done. We were pleasantly surprised that she loved to fish at such a young age.

We can’t be certain that this love of fishing will last, but for now it was fun to simply be in a boat with a young child that wasn’t constantly begging to go in. Instead, her requests were to try a different hook or even trade fishing pole and hook with grandpa because he was catching all the fish. She was very careful around the rods and hooks and even backed away when we landed a fish with the net. She didn’t even complain about having to wear a lifejacket.

I can’t wait for our next fishing time with Jaedyn. Hopefully we can keep her excited about the sport and, maybe next time, she will catch all the fish.