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Talking It Over: Having good clean fun

MORRIS – When I think of all the fun times I have had over the years, I have to admit that most of it has been what I would term as ‘good clean fun.’ When I think of good clean fun, I think of things that have not hurt anyone else, broken any laws or caused physical harm to myself.

Those teenage years are usually when we like to rebel a little and do things that our parents or adults tell us not to do. I remember doing some things that these people may have frowned at, but really didn’t hurt anyone. There were instances when we would short-sheet someones bed, send friends on a snipe hunt and a few times when we would do a Chinese fire drill.

For those of you who don’t know what a Chinese fire drill is, I will describe it as I remember it. We would have a car full of people, after someone would yell “Chinese fire drill,” we would stop suddenly in the middle of the road, all get out and run several times around the car before getting back in and taking off again. In a small town you could do this pretty easily without worrying about traffic. I would not recommend it on a busy street. It was pretty fun and usually caused some hysterical laughter.

The snipe hunts were pretty fun as we would instruct the hunter to make unique noises while looking for the birds that pretty much don’t exist in the areas we sent them looking. Since this took place after dark, we could sneak into the hunting area and scare the hunter. The short-sheeting wasn’t as much fun unless you could be present when the person tried to put their feet under the covers, but was still fun in the moment.

We also did things like trying to get as many people into a phone booth or Volkswagon bug as possible. I learned quickly that you didn’t want to be the first one or bottom person in these ventures.

My children enjoyed several evenings of flashlight tag during the summer and my husband and I went through many packages of batteries and even a few flashlights.

As teenagers we often just got together as a group and drove around. Some of these evenings would include a moonlight swim or just looking at the stars on nice summer evenings. If we were lucky, we could even dance in the moonlight with a gravel road as our dance floor. A bonfire was also nice and wonderful when some of the friends would bring their guitars to accompany our campfire songs.

With the start of spring and summer, I hope our young people can also enjoy some fun and memorable activities. Things that don’t involve video games or television programs. A time when they can turn off cell phones and just enjoy the friends and nature around them. Do something that will create memories without injury or breaking laws. Just have some good clean fun.