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Talking it Over: Friends to make in high school

MORRIS -- It seems like a long time ago since my children were in school, but every time I run into the parents of one of their friends, it seems like only yesterday. My husband and I made a lot of good friends during the school days of our children and have many great memories.

When your children are in school, you tend to get to know the parents of the other students they hang around with. Sometimes you serve together on committees, you talk together when the kids stay overnight and you travel to events together, even staying overnight at times. It is inevitable that you get to know each other quite well, which is a good thing if your kids are spending time at their homes or traveling with them.

Even though it has been a number of years since my children have been in school, those memories come back quickly when I run into some of these parents. In some cases, the friendships that were formed then have lasted long afterward and we continue to do things together. That is a plus as we also get to stay connected with our children’s friends through continued friendships with their parents.

I remember some great times but one really stands out in my mind. Our son was in junior high school and on a baseball team coached by Spencer Yohe. He was able to line up a tournament for the boys that was to be played on an air force base near Rapid City, So. Dak. He and the boys left early and the parents arrived later in various vehicles.

We had a great time cheering on the boys, picnicking in the park, touring the base and later staying overnight and swimming. The boys did quite well despite the fact that some of the parents (and the coach) had to be banned from the park because of some over-zealous cheering. Needless to say, we were not invited back but we sure had a great time the year that we went.

There have been many other wonderful times spent following our children through their school days. It was difficult as each graduated and we lost touch, not only with the friends, but in some cases, with their parents. The kids get together and reminisce at reunions but the parents don’t always have that option.

I encourage the parents of school age children to enjoy those years and to especially enjoy the time you spend with the parents of the other children. Make some great memories, let your kids know you are there for all of them and after they graduate, try to keep in touch as much as possible.

You can make some great friends during school days and not just while you are in school, but also during the school days of your children.