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Rep. Jay McNamar: 2nd Amendment rights are fundamental

Given the recent tragedies across the country and here in Minnesota, there has been a lot of discussion about how best to keep our kids and families safe while protecting our fundamental 2nd Amendment rights. 

I’ve received emails, phone calls, and in person visits from various people while I’ve been down in St. Paul and even more while I’ve been back home in the district. I’ve spoken with dozens of medical personnel, police officers, city council members, local citizens, and many gun owners and NRA members. While there are diverse opinions on this issue, nearly everyone has shared the belief that if there are common sense proposals out there that will help keep our kids safe then we ought to consider them. 

As part of that process, the House of Representatives has held informational hearings this week on several gun-related bills. On each of the bills the committee took testimony from people that both supported and opposed each of the bills.

I am hopeful that what will emerge out of this process are common sense measures that will have a real impact on keeping our kids and communities safe, and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. However, I am a strong supporter of the 2ndAmendment and will not support any measure that unnecessarily restricts the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

This issue will likely continue to get a lot of attention in the media, but it is your attention that truly matters to me on this issue. Please continue to contact me with your input, ideas, questions and concerns about the issues we are discussing at the state legislature.

I can be reached by phone (800-711-2620), by email (, or by stopping by my office in St. Paul. You can find more info on how to contact me and how to sign up for email updates by going to