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Talking it over: Bad habits

Speaking of bad habits

We all have them. Some of us may have a bunch of them while others just a few. You may not even be aware of them but be assured that the people around you certainly are.

Bad habits stick to people like glue. They can be picked up naturally as a child or later in life simply and casually. A bad habit can be something as minor as biting your nails or chewing with your mouth open. It can also be something more serious like overeating, smoking, drinking or taking drugs.

Sometimes when we recognize a bad habit we can get rid of it. With a lot of determination and hard work, bad habits can be conquered. Quite often people try to do these as a goal or resolution. You may be working on one right now.

I can recognize that everyone has one or two bad habits and appreciate the fact that some have had the courage to conquer or control  those habits. However it really gets to me at times when these same people criticize or ostracize others who are still struggling with the habit.

I have heard people who have lost a lot of weight make uncomplimentary remarks about overweight people. People who have quit the smoking habit are often the least sympathetic when it comes to second-hand smoke. Reformed alcoholics sometimes have no time for people who remind them of their former selves.

In my opinion these same people should be a bit more sympathetic and supportive of those who are still struggling. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they should encourage the habit but understanding and endurance will go much farther than criticism.

After all, that person is probably very aware of what you have accomplished and when the time comes they will know who they can talk to about beating that habit. Helping someone through example and support is the best way to celebrate your own defeat of a bad habit.