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Legislative Update from Rep. Torrey Westrom

Rep. Torrey Westrom

Businesses need a more competitive tax climate, reduced regulatory burdens, and reduced government intrusion in order to get our economy back on track. Simply put, many small businesses are trapped by government regulations, and in listening to your ideas we are going to reduce some of these regulations so that it will be easier to do business.

Some of the common sense proposals that will be introduced are, creating a Small Business Regulatory Review Board that will review and repeal rules that are outdated and have a negative impact on the economy. Reform prevailing wage laws to reflect actual wages being paid in a region, instead of the artificially high set rates under the current scheme, to lower the cost of government and to lower the cost of construction projects and make Minnesota more competitive with surrounding states. We will propose to reform the job descriptions of current agency inspectors to develop an advisory inspection program so small businesses can fix issues without the threat of huge penalties and fines from the impersonal hand of state agencies.

On Monday I attended a meeting at the proposed seaplane base on Flekkefjord Lake. Along with many state and local leaders, we discussed the importance of creating a seaplane base in our area.

On Thursday we passed House File 1766 off of the House floor in response to Gov. Dayton's attempt to single-handedly force a unionization vote for most child care small businesses last fall. If a union were to form among child care providers this bill would prohibit union dues from being deducted from child care subsidy payments from the government.

I would also encourage you to participate in my online survey

Warmest Regards,

Torrey Westrom