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Commentary: 'Honor our Old Glory'

Editor's note: This poem was written by Morris resident Russell L. Tolifson in June of 1996. It was submitted for publication and is timely for Veterans Day.

When we raise "OLD GLORY" on a pole so tall and straight,

it really makes your heart beat at a faster rate.

I don't know what's happening or what some people think,

they can burn our flag in protest and never even blink.

If we stop and think about all that she's been through,

We would have more respect for our "OLD RED, WHITE AND BLUE."

When she started out, her stars were so few; she wasn't very old then,

She was really pretty new.

Now there are so many stars in the field of blue,

We can't even count all the places that she flew.

She flew in foreign countries and some battlefields too.

If there ever was a flag to love,

It should be our "OLD RED, WHITE AND BLUE."