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Local Commentary: Facts, not insults, tell story of health care bill

By Diane von Ende

Responding to the latest fusillade from Elizabeth Hinds "Half-truths on health care" and Jeff Lamberty's "Many health care objections overrule reason" (April 17 Sun Tribune).

Nice try Ms. Hinds and Mr. Lamberty. In a feeble attempt to win your losing argument, you typically stoop to degrading and insulting your adversaries with terms like "outright fibs," "lies", "half-truths", "willful ignorance", "vitriol", "fear-mongering" and "far-right". At the same time you deviously obscure these intentions with a insincere appeal to a "honest, spirited debate". How do you know I'm not a progressive liberal Democrat capitalist (also members of the Tea Party) who believes this present regime is destroying the economic foundation of our country by spending, printing and borrowing money with no end in sight. You speak about ill-will (vitriol), what political group for the better part of seven years called President Bush a Nazi and marched with signs which read "Death to Bush"? Your facts are a regurgitation from state controlled media. True journalism is dead in this country. The softball questions they've asked Pelosi, Reid and Obama over the last two years are a insult to even your intelligence. The hard-hitting, deep-probing questions are only reserved for the politicians they disagree with. We may have factual disagreements but please keep the name calling for the school yard.

FACTS: The March-April 2010 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, "46.3 percent of primary care physicians (family medicine and internal medicine) feel that the passing of health reform will either force them out of medicine or make them want to leave medicine." The Rasmussen Poll concerning the people's opposition to this bill is far more accurate than the CNN Poll. Last year the Mayo Clinics lost $840 million on Medicare. Walgreens in two states have stopped taking Medicaid prescriptions. This is an alarming trend. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are heading down the road to bankruptcy.


National debt -- $12 trillion+ (do you know how many zeros in a trillion)

Bailouts -- $8 trillion

Unfunded liabilities -- $108 trillion-plus (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security)

The liability per citizen is over $350,794 per person.

These figures do not include the new health care bill. Even a caveman can understand at some point we have to pay this money back, but wait, we don't have it! What do we do when China and/or Japan stop buying Treasury Bills and want real money? How will we reconcile our enormous national growing debt? The global capital markets are beginning to collapse. Just this week Greece, struggling with massive national debt, was down-graded to junk status. Portugal and Spain have also been downgraded, Italy may be next. The Department of Health and Human Services last week reported that because of Obama Care health care costs will go up 1 percent or over $300 million. Legislators could have taken bite-size reforms (tort reform and exploding costs) that can be done without the $1 trillion tax burden, rather than a 2,700 page bill (which was not carefully read) and includes 111 new bureaucracies. Why not let families and businesses buy health insurance across state lines, allow families and small business to pool together to buy health insurance at a lower cost like big corporations and labor unions do, give states the tools to create their own reforms to lower costs and get rid of junk lawsuits?

We can go on and on with the health care debate (this will be my final offering), I pray clear thinking citizens will show their outrage by voting for candidates who will stop our present government's tyranny. The state controlled media will do its best to smear the men and women who have the courage to stand up for our personal freedom, liberty and our constitution. This is not the change some of us voted for.

Diane von Ende is a Morris resident.