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Talking it Over: Names my grandchildren call me

I have been called by several different names or nicknames over the years. Some are fun and memorable, others I would just as soon forget. But my favorite names in recent years are the ones my grandchildren call me.

It seems that they each have their own unique way of addressing their grandparents. The titles have to do with location, relationship or just how they speak. Our oldest grandson, Tristyn, started referring to my husband and I as Grandpa and Grandma Lake because we are the grandparents who live by the lake. It was his way of keeping the two sets apart.

Our next grandchild, Jaedyn, was very precise and call us Grandpa and Grandma Erdman. She has also, on occasion, kept us apart from her other grandparents by distinguishing the lake versus the farm.

Josie has come up with a very unique title. She comes running at me full-force yelling “Grammy, Grammy.” I have no idea where she came up with that name but I love it.

The twins, Izzy and Addy, call us Daddy’s Grandma and Grandpa and their other set of grandparents are Mommy’s Grandparents. I guess this makes the most sense to them and we can see how they came up with this.

The youngest, Olivia, has not named us yet. She is just starting to give voice to her thoughts but her actions speak volumes. When we see her, she gets this big grin and mumbles some things we have yet to figure out. I can’t wait to hear the name she finally puts to us.

It is fun that these six children have their own unique ways of distinguishing people and situations. There is definitely some type of explanation or action that brings about these names. I totally love the nicknames or titles my grandchildren give me and will quickly answer to anything. I will also remember that they are each as unique as the names they come up with for us.