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Talking It Over: What will they say about me?

Some day, someone will be writing an obituary about me. I could write my own, I suppose, but I would rather leave it up to someone else. However, I can’t help but wonder how my life will be summed up in a few words.

I am sure there will be the basic information, birth, schooling, marriage, children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren, if I live long enough. There will also be some words about the number of years I worked in various places and some of the organizations I belonged too. I hope there will be reference to some of the volunteer work I have done on committees and in groups.

Sometimes in an obituary there is also something said about the person’s interests or pastimes. For me, they could say I like to read, garden, do puzzles and embroider. I guess they could say I like to hunt and fish but to be honest, I only like the time spent with others during these activities, not the actual activity. There is also the usual stand-by about spending time with family and friends which is pretty common for most people.

If you wanted total disclosure, you could also say I dislike cleaning, can’t stand bugs and tend to be a bit disorganized at times. My pet peeves are people who can’t make up their minds and those who speak before they think. I don’t like controversy of any kind and would really enjoy a life of just peaceful existence – must be a fall back from my teenage years in the 70s.

Some of the things I don’t want in my obituary would be flowery words that may or may not be true. I would never say that I am a wonderful cook or even a great gardener, just that I like to do both. I am not the best wife, mother, grandmother, friend or employee but I do the best that I can. I am not always knowledgeable about everything that I report but I try hard and give people most of what they are looking for in a newspaper. Basically you could say I am not perfect but I try.

Have you ever considered what you would want written about you? It is a humbling thought which could provoke some changes in your life. After all, if you want it to be said that you enjoy spending time with family and friends, you actually need to do that. Otherwise someone might read your obit and wonder just who or what they are talking about.

I guess I simply should not worry about it because it is not going to matter much to me at that point. However, I may need to consider changing some of the things I do today in order to make the words said about me just a little bit better in the future.