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Talking It Over: In times of change

HANCOCK – For most of us it is difficult to accept change. Especially changes that affect your life or lifestyle. Sure there are those regular changes that are pretty easy to take such as a change of clothes, the change of weather, changing your mind, changing the sheets or even a recipe change.

Other types of change are mildly hard to adapt too. I struggle to deal with changes at work especially when I have to learn something new but soon have to admit that the change is for the better.

It is hard to adjust to changes in our routine. Guests at your home or vacations can usually bring these on and often result in extreme fatigue. I have a hard time with fashion changes because I find I have a closet full of clothes that are no longer in style and no where to go with the outdated items.

These types of changes can gradually grow on you but others may be a bit more dramatic. A change in health is very hard to accept as my husband and I have learned over the last six months. A person might also have to adapt to a change in their marital status due to divorce or death. Trying to cope with living alone could be a very difficult adjustment. Even thinking about it scares me to death.

Another hard change could be a move from one home to another. It may even be to a different community or to a smaller apartment or nursing home. In these types of situations the changes could mean giving up possessions, friends and being away from family. I would have quite a struggle with this type of change.

A change in income can also be hard to accept. The loss of a job or increased expenses can cause a great deal of stress. Simply trying to go on from day to day becomes a big challenge.

You often hear people say that change is good. Sure, things like new technology and upgraded systems may be good, but there are changes that are also not so good.

Right now I am having a hard time simply deciding what to wear each day and how to go on from day to day. I really don’t want to deal with any more new, big changes in my life but that may be what is in store for the future. Living where we do now could be a big challenge in the future. Health issues will probably continue to dominate our lives. As we age we start to lose some of the people closest to us. Attending funerals seems to be a weekly event.

I am starting to realize that the decisions and changes we accepted in our youth were nothing compared to ones you have to deal with when you get older. I would much rather face those challenges than the ones that appear to be on the horizon. It would be so much better to be the one setting the changes in motion than the person dealing with the results.