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Talking It Over: Riding on the waves of life

I sometimes think that life is like an ocean. There are ebbs and crests, whirlpools and eddies, calm water and stormy seas.

We start out in life fairly calm, just like resting on a quiet beach. Life can continue to be calm until suddenly we are faced with a challenging storm that rocks us to the core. Sometimes the storms are easy to confront, other times they take a lot of hard work. How we handle those storms can affect the rest of our seafaring journey in life.

I like to think that weathering those storms makes us stronger for the next. They may be extremely challenging at times, but we gain knowledge and hope with each victory. And the calm between the storms is so much sweeter after facing them head on.

As we venture out into the sea of our life, things get harder. Sometimes we get in way over our head and we have to tread water quickly just to stay afloat. Occasionally we find a life preserver, island in the storm or helping hand to get us through the worst parts. As we learn from those experiences, we can also help others struggling through their own stormy waters. There may be life rafts filled with friends and family and large boats carrying groups like our communities.

Through our life we tread on, sometimes swimming, sometimes floating and sometimes on the backs of others. We grow more weary as we get close to the other shore. Our bodies begin to show the signs of our struggles and our minds sometimes lose the power to think clearly about the task at hand. However, our determination to reach that shore grows with each new day.

Finally the waters grow still. We can rest our weary bodies on the other shore. We can reap the rewards of the challenges we faced and how we weathered the storms. We have conquered the stormy sea and found the richness of life on the other side.