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Talking it over: It's June

June is here, the month of birds, flowers and summer. Our spring sowing and planting is finished, and now we can sit back and watch our fields and gardens grow and produce. What a beautiful time of the year -- warm days, no mittens and snow boots. Let’s enjoy it all while we may.

June is also a time when wild flowers start to appear in the ditches and fields. When I see wild roses blooming in a ditch, it makes me start to look closer for other wild flowers. I have planted some wildflowers in our back yard but they don’t seem to do as good as they do in the wild.

I loved to walk around in the country with my mom because she always knew the names of the many blooming flowers. She also knew which ones we could consider weeds or real nuisances if they spread into your garden. I’m still a little scared about some of the seeds I purchase because I don’t want it to spread beyond the area in which I have planted them.

My garden is growing quickly and I am anxiously waiting for the radishes, lettuce and onions to be ready to eat. Before I know it the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers will also be blooming and soon I will be busy canning. Maybe that is why I almost like this garden time the best even though eating all that fresh produce is great.

June seems to always pass very quickly. There is so much to do, so many places to go and things to get done. The days, even though they are the longest of the year, seem to be very short. When darkness finally comes we can almost fall into bed with fatique.

Despite all this, it is still one of my favorite months. The temperatures are usually just right, the bugs are not quite unbearable and the evening sunsets are unbelievable. I hope you will take the time to enjoy June between the many activities you have going on.