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Talking it over - Garage sales

I love spring for many reasons but one of the tops on my list is garage sales. I enjoy hosting them and attending them. It is not just a time to get rid of junk, find bargains but can also be a social occasion.

In Hancock each year we have a city wide garage sale day. It is always set for the Friday before the fishing opener. Starting out some fifteen years ago we had a handful of sales but in the last few years it has grown to well over 20 sales. That is pretty good for a small town.

As I go around to as many of the sales as possible I find myself lost in conversation with the many people I meet along the way. People come from far and wide for these sales and some of them you see only once a year. As you look at the treasures out for sale, memories return and quite often conversations grow into opportunities to reminisce.

When I lived in town I had a garage sale almost every year. I loved getting rid of things that started to accumulate in my closets and hoped that the people buying them could get some additional use out of them. I guess I like to recycle things as much as possible rather than simply filling up our landfills with good, useful items.

Now I have more fun simply going to the sales and looking for treasures. One thing I really like about our local sales is that several people also sell baked goods or even things like hot dogs, water and pop for the busy buyers. Some even donate their proceeds to worthy causes. With the fishing opener the next day, I can usually find hungry appetites for the treats.

 I have watched the city-wide garage sale day grow and change over the years. Many people view it not only as a time to get rid of things or purchase good used items but as a time to enjoy spring and see lots of people around town.

No matter what your reason is for going to sales, I hope you have fun and maybe find some things you never knew you were needing. Watch the paper next week for a full list of sales. We have over a dozen listed already and that list keeps growing every day. Be sure to include your sale to get it included on the maps.