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Talking it over: School Foundation benefits students

We are starting to see the many benefits that the Hancock School Foundation is offering to students. The things that they are funding include several educational tools, programs, speakers, trips and technological items.

In recent issues of the Record there has been evidence of the Foundation’s assistance in several ways. The roller skating unit helped students learn a non-traditional sport.  The  Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre gave students a taste of the arts through performing.

The Foundation has a few years under its belt, so to speak, and is really taking hold. Hopefully the donations will continue to come in and possibly even grow as people realize what wonderful things they fund and make possible for our children.

I encourage you to make your donation to the Foundation each year. Any size donation is welcome. The spring round of funding is coming up so now would be a good time to send in your donation.

The Hancock School Foundation is accomplishing BIG things. Help them continue to help our school and its students through your support.