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Talking it over - Happy Easter

I love Easter. Probably because it always marks the start of spring, my favorite season of the year. It is a time of rebirth and cleansing. Not only in the religious sense but also in nature, in our homes and sometimes even in our jobs.

As a child, the days leading up to Easter were often very solemn and quiet. That is still experienced today in our church services during Holy Week. But then on Easter Sunday everything is bright and colorful. The songs we sing are joyful and happy.

Some of the Easter traditions we observe today were not as popular when I was young. We didn’t have the Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny didn’t visit our house. We did color Easter eggs and that was always very fun. We actually used food coloring, not these fancy kits you get today. We were a mess but the eggs looked beautiful, in our eyes anyway.

One of the things I remember most about coloring eggs was the multi-colored egg salad, potato salad or hard-boiled eggs that we ate for the next week. The dye always seemed to penetrate those hard shells and color the egg as well as the shell.

When my children were young, we hid Easter eggs or candy and they would have to look for their Easter basket on Sunday morning. It was a fun and exciting time. I especially liked it when Easter Sunday fell later in the year so we could hide them outside. Sometimes there was snow on the ground or it was just too wet to do this. That tradition has continued in recent years with our grandchildren and it is so fun to see how excited they get.

There are a few sayings about Easter that may or may not hold true. For instance they say you have the best potato crop if you plant on Good Friday. I don’t think that will be done this year.  I have found that planting most garden products a little later, often reaps the same results.

Another prophesy is that if it rains on Easter Sunday we will have rain for the next seven Sundays. I can’t imagine the weather forecasters agreeing with this but I have seen a few years when this has been the case. Then again I have also seen a few years when it didn’t happen.

Whatever your Easter traditions or beliefs, I hope you have a beautiful day. A day of promise and hope for the future and a day of fun and lots of food with family and friends. Most of all I hope the Easter bunny leaves you lots of great treats!