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Talking it over: Finally March

March has finally arrived and the end of winter is in sight. Even though this winter started out as a good one, the last month has made up for it. I am more than ready for winter to be done.

March is a special month for another reason in my family. We have birthdays for two grandchildren, both on March 16. Tristyn, our oldest, will turn nine, and Josie will turn three. They are so excited for their birthdays, the parties and, most of all, the presents.

This year, on March 16, we will be traveling to Zimmerman for Tristyn’s party. Josie will be celebrating her birthday a week earlier but we will not be forgetting that it is also her special day. It may be confusing for a three year old to celebrate on so many different days, but I am sure she won’t mind. Tristyn will also have two parties, one with his school friends, also a week earlier.

It is so fun to attend these birthday celebrations and see the excitement on their faces. I have always enjoyed celebrating birthdays and love to be surrounded by the people I care about on my special day.

When I was young, like these two, I didn’t get to have big birthday parties. Mom always managed to make the day special even without having a lot of people invited. We were able to pick our favorite meals and she made a cake to enjoy for dessert. There were usually just one  or  two gifts, which was plenty in those days.

Now the children have so many gifts they are overwhelmed at times. Their birthday is not just celebrated on one day, but quite often spills over throughout a few weeks.

No matter how many days and how many parties a child may have, the most important thing they will probably remember about the day is if they were surrounded by people they loved. Even if it is not actually on the day they were born, celebrating with them is so important.

With all these birthday celebrations to attend this month, I am hoping the days pass quickly. Soon we will be fighting the mud and hopefully, rain, of springtime and promise of another good year. Just like with the celebration of a birthday, we can celebrate the beginning of a new year of growing, learning and prospering.