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Letter: A simple, yet impossible solution to the national debt

Everyone should petition (insist) on a complete overhaul of the existing unfair tax system. Establish a straight predetermined percentage of gross income with no exceptions or loopholes. The government, including our unrealistic Congress, must be able to assure every U.S. citizen will be paying their fair share. This I feel is the way to have all taxpayers feel that they can make a contribution to paying down our debt.

In order to avoid a repeat in years to come, term limits must be enacted which will not only do away with the "Good Ole Boy" business as usual syndrome but also will stifle much of the bad legislation being passed to return favors, not to mention the enormous preoccupation to raise monies for reelection coffers, a win-win proposal for the average taxpayer, fill an elected position for a "National Consumers Advocate" to act as a watchdog for middle income earners, and finally, all of us in our relentless work efforts to meet all our wants and needs must take time to step back and look at the big picture. Be prepared to become the peoples' voice.

What is the big picture? Simply put, it is the uncontrolled, unaccountable, government spending going on. Everything from over-priced toilet seats to multi-million dollar weapons systems. It is all to easy for government officials to spend the unending torrent of tax dollars rather than make hard choices. As we do, try spending within your means. Support people who pride themselves on being independent and do not rely on working the system. Impossible, yes, but just maybe we can? It's worth trying, if not for us, than for your grandchildren.

John Stephens - Donnelly, Minn.