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Talking it over: Sad time of year

In many ways, fall feels like a sad time of year. The seeds and plants that we so carefully planted in spring, nurtured and cared for through summer, harvested in early fall, have now been cleared away in preparation for the next season. As the flower beds, gardens and fields are slowly defoliated and tilled, the stark reality of the approaching winter stares us in the face.

Lifetime is often compared to the seasons. Birth and early childhood are said to be the springtime of life. Teens are referred to as being in the summer of their youth. Middle age is compared to fall and retirement and beyond is the winter of our lives.

If this is true, then I could probably be termed as being in the fall season of life and I don't feel like it is a sad time. I am seeing many of the things I learned in my youth or summer season, as now coming to fruit and producing results. I was nurtured and guided through those early seasons and now it is my turn to do the nurturing and guiding.

It is sad to think that the winter years of life are just around the corner. Soon it will be time to clear away the busy-ness and clutter in my life and look at a quieter time. A season for relaxing, remembering and recharging. And, as I see it, a time to enjoy the fruits from the other seasons in my life. Those fruits could include children and grandchildren, possessions, home, vacations or spending time with friends.

By the time winter comes, whether it is through seasons or life, we have earned the rewards that come from the younger times. It should not be a sad time, but rather a time for rejoicing because of what we have accomplished. Fall is a time to harvest and winter will be a season to enjoy that harvest.