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Talking it over - Fairly good hunt

The deer season of 2011 will probably not be one of the most memorable but was decent in many ways. We got a few deer, the weather was wonderful, the work-out minimal and I was able to spend quality time with my grandson along with the other hunters in our party.

I was excited to sit with Tristyn on Friday evening. It was a beautiful evening and we didn't have to put on several layers of clothing. We packed a nutritious lunch of cookies, candy, string cheese and hot chocolate. Tristyn brought along his DS player for quiet entertainment. After searching for deer failed, he went to the games but soon was tired of that too. Then we started to play some of the games together and the stand was no longer a quiet place.

Right after the sun went down, I decided it would be easier to get all our stuff out of the stand safely when there was still some daylight. We closed all the windows, I unloaded the gun and made four trips up and down the ladder removing Tristyn and our gear. We walked to the car and headed home.

A bit later Tristyn's dad, who was sitting across from us in the slough, came home and said, "I want to teach you a lesson in patience."

It seems that he watched two deer head toward our stand shortly after we got down and started walking to the car. If we would have stayed a few minutes longer, we would have seen them, if they didn't hear us first.

That seemed to be the theme of the weekend for me. Each time I went out to post, something or someone got in the way to hinder our success. I began to think that it just wasn't my year and I finished the weekend without firing a shot.

However, I had a great time with everyone in our party and also visited with several other hunting groups around us. It can be a fun and relaxing way to communicate with other hunters as you compare stories of both successes and failures.

I have to say that one of the best things about the weekend was the weather. It was so nice to sit outside, listen to the pheasants and geese and look at the glassy surface of the lake. You couldn't ask for a better way to end the fall season and enter into winter.