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Talking it over - generations of hunters

I have been hunting for nearly 40 years now and have done so with several different friends and relatives. As a child I hunted with my dad, uncles and cousins. When I got married I started to hunt with my husband, his father, mother, brother-in-laws and nephews. Our hunting party now includes our imediate family plus several close friends.

I thought it was great to hunt with my dad and later my in-law. It was a good way to get to know them in a different setting. Some of my best memories of them are from hunts. When our son joined these hunts, it was even more special to have three generations of hunters in the group. His grandparents would take him under their wing and patiently help him learn more about hunting.

This year I will have my chance to initiate a young person into hunting. Our son plans to bring his son, Tristyn, home to do a little hunting with us. He is not old enough to carry a gun but will sit in the stand with me for a few hours. I am excited to share the experience with him.

I have been talking to Tristyn a little bit about sitting in the stand and he is getting pretty excited too. In fact he has a fool-proof plan to help grandma shoot a deer. He decided that he would bring his BB gun along to shoot the deer and slow it down so grandma has a better chance of getting it.

My initial reaction was to wonder how we would get all those BB's out of the meat and then I thought it was pretty sweet of him to want to help me out. However, he must not have too much confidence in my shooting ability.

It should be lots of fun and I am fairly certain it will not be "quiet time" in that stand. I will no doubt have a lot of questions to answer and a few new things to share with him. It would be fantastic if we could see a deer and I just wonder what his reaction would be if we were able to take some shots. I just hope his initiation into hunting is as fun and memorable as my own.