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Talking it over - Not quite over it yet

I feel like I might jinx my health by writing about it again but wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone who has been helping and thinking about me over the last four weeks. In the last column I wrote, I thought I was on the mend but it turned out that I wasn't. Shortly after writing that, I ended up in the hospital with a much worse case of pneumonia and a longer recovery. It has been a long and exhausting month.

I am back to work again, and hopefully on the mend for good. Thank you to everyone at the Morris Sun Tribune for stepping in and helping to get the last few issues of the paper out. I also want to thank everyone who sent cards, made calls and visited me. Those simple gestures mean a lot when you are laying in a hospital bed or recuperating at home.

It has been over 25 years since I have spent a night, much less three nights, in a hospital and there have been a lot of changes. The first night is kind of a blur because there was so much activity and constant checks that I didn't get much time to rest. The next night was more of the same with maybe a three hour span of sleep between coughing spells, IV changes and steady temp, blood pressure and breathing checks. You really don't get a lot of rest while in the hospital.

After the third night I was practically begging to go home just so I could sleep and the doctor obliged. My bed never felt so good as it did that afternoon and evening. It has continued to be my favorite place to recover as my body feels so drained.

Now I am back to work and even though I miss those afternoon naps, ready to get back into the swing of things. I feel like I missed out on so much over the past month but am catching up quickly. I plan to take some extra precautions with my health and rest when needed to ensure that there isn't another relapse.

I have decided that hospitals are very necessary places and provide great care when you are in need. Basically, I would rather visit than stay there but happy this service is available. I just hope it is a long, long time before I have to stay again.