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Talking It Over: It's all just better at the fair

Katie Erdman

What's your favorite thing when it comes to the fair?

The answer to that question can be different with each person you talk to.

I would guess that a good share of people would say "fair food."

However, the specific food item they like best at the fair would probably be different. There are so many choices and everything just seems much better at the fair. I love to eat the cheeseburgers with fried onions at the fair. Even though I make them at home regularly, they are simply better at the fair. Probably because you can smell them long before you bite into them.

The younger fair goers would answer the question with one word - rides.

Here again, the favorite ride would differ with each child but simply going on rides is a great activity at the fair.

Others probably enjoy the exhibits. I love walking through the Homemakers and Open Class buildings. I enjoy taking in the 4-H livestock shows and then looking at the exhibits. I take time to examine the non-livestock exhibits and appreciate the hard work put in by these 4-Hers.

Of course you have to visit the commercial exhibits, not just once, but several times in order to see everything.

The exhibits just wouldn't be the same without the competition which might be a favorite for exhibitors. The challenge of growing, creating or sharing quality products is fun for a lot of people.

To be rewarded with ribbons and good comments makes it all worthwhile.

The entertainment at the fair can not be beat. The grandstand shows and the free shows are wonderful. It is nice to be able to sit down and be entertained while taking a break from the walking.

I have to admit that my favorite part of the fair is the people. It is fun to watch people, talk to old friends and make new acquaintances. There are some people who I see only at the fair. Others I may see often but at the fair, it is a different and more relaxed setting.

No matter what your favorite part of the fair might be, I hope you are able to enjoy it sometime during the next week.

Let's just hope the rain holds off, the humidity and temperatures stay down and the things we like best are back at the fair this year.