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Talking it over -- 7-22-10

Getting your name out there

I can't begin to count the number of times I have said or heard questions about how to find those types of products that are only sold through party plans. I have heard people wonder how to find a replacement Tupperware cover, locate that dip mix they tried at a party or replenish their supply of makeup purchased at a friend's party.

I have been invited to many of these parties over the years and purchased a lot of different items. I have to admit that I am very rarely disappointed in my purchase and often buy more of the product in the future. However, at times the person who sold the original product is not readily available, still in business or known to me.

We have an option available for these party plan consultants. In our paper next week we will be sending out a business and community directory. This is typically a section featuring area businesses and service providers. It lets business owners explain their product or service to new people in the area and reminds current residents about what they have to offer.

This year, we are adding an opportunity for home-based businesses to get their name out there. We will be providing a listing of home-based businesses such as Tupperware or Mary Kay dealers. Consultants can list their product line along with contact information for only $10. I can't imagine a better way for these types of businesses to let people in the area know that they are just a phone call away.

Along with those types of businesses there may also be other home-based businesses interested in a listing. I could see tax preparers, handyman services or daycares taking advantage of this great way to get your name out in the public. Just give us a call and we will include you in the directory.

I would also like to invite businesses in the area that we have not contacted and have an interest in being included to give us a call. It is a wonderful way to let the people of Hancock and surrounding area know about your business and how you can be of service to them.

Watch for this special section in next week's Hancock Record and be prepared to learn more about the businesses in this area.