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Local Commentary: No euphoria over health care bill

By Diane von Ende

I am sorry to burst Elizabeth Hinds' euphoric heath care bubble ("End fibs about health care," April 3 Sun Tribune), but I wonder if she realizes that the so-called benefits from this heath care bill will not kick in until 2014, even though we will begin to pay dearly for it now. Remember free or affordable health care is not free or affordable, we will all pay with higher taxes and lower quality care.

I agree that the deem and pass procedure was not used to pass this over 2,700 page multi-trillion dollar bill. It was an option threatened to be used because some pro life democrats were blocking the bill. Not until backroom deals were made (we will probably never know what they all were) did the Democrats have the votes to pass it. Half of the pro life Democrats sold us out and agreed to vote for the bill because Obama said he would make an Executive Order (he can reverse that anytime he wants) stating that no federal funds would be used for abortions. That promise will be broken just like so many others of Obama's have been since election day.

I am sure Ms. Hinds was confused when she stated that "people are dissatisfied with this law because they think it should have been more liberal and gone further to take power away from the greedy health insurance companies and grant it to the people's elected representatives." I'm sorry, but that simply is not true. The polls show that the majority of people are opposed to the health care bill because it will bankrupt our country, give too much power to the government and will cause rationed health care. The American Medical Association stated that 40 percent to 45 percent of doctors are going to quit or retire within the next year. Medicare and Medicaid are going broke, the Mayo Clinic in Arizona will no longer take Medicare patients, and Walgreens will not accept Medicare prescriptions. You can expect more of this in the future.

I believe the "obnoxious" representatives of the people (Congress) are going to run out of other people's money to spend very soon. Our country is going broke and I am not as worried about my or my daughter's health care as I am about how my grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to pay for all the spending we are doing now. The Congressional Budget Office said the bill would not affect the deficit and that is if two things happened, the cost estimates were correct and Congress cut spending.

Let's see, the cost estimates in 1990 for Medicare were no more than $9 billion. The actual cost now is $67 billion. Do we really believe Congress has the spine to cut spending? Alan Greenspan said that if the cost estimates were not correct, it will be catastrophic for our country.

This health care bill is suppose to bring 25-30 million more people into the system, not raise the deficit and not raise taxes. I'm not a mathematician but I know this is not possible. Now our wonderful progressive representatives are talking about a value-added tax. Not to replace income taxes but go above and beyond income taxes. This is a 17-19 percent tax on everything from production of goods to the consumer just to keep our economy from going broke.

Once businesses stop paying for their employees health care and turning them over to government-run health care (which is what the Obama administration really wants), we can look forward to the 96 new agencies they have created to run health care and the 17,000 new IRS agents they must hire to make sure all of us are purchasing health insurance. Fines and penalties will be applied to each of us who do not comply. More of our freedom just disappeared! Stay tuned, this vanishing act continues.

As for me, I feel a heavy government weight on my shoulders and am planning on joining the Tea Party -- which, by the way, are just concerned citizens (friends and neighbors) fed up with the tyranny of our present government -- to help save my country from a "progressive" Congress and administration.

Diane von Ende is a Morris resident.