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Talking It Over: It's easy to get caught up in spirit of Olympics

I didn't think it would happen to me but I find myself caught up in the Olympics. As the media consistently forecast its arrival I almost regretted the start. After all, many of my favorite programs would be cancelled or delayed.

However, this week as I flipped through channels, I found myself returning to the Olympic coverage. There was something about watching the athletes compete and feeling their joys and sorrows as they performed. It quickly got me hooked and I look forward to catching up each evening.

My favorite sport to watch is figure skating. It is such a beautiful, elegant competition. The skaters make it look so easy, but from personal experience on ice, I know that it is very difficult. I have trouble just balancing on the skates much less jumping and landing solidly on that narrow strip.

I also enjoy following the womens hockey team and, more specifically, team member Jenny (Schmidgall) Potter, who is related to many in this area. She was also a member of the 1998 U.S. womens Olympic team that took gold, the 2002 team that took silver, and the 2006 team that finished with a bronze medal.

She is making quite a name for herself at these Olympic games with her talent.

Another part of the Olympic coverage that I like is the tidbits of history they sprinkle in. Not just from past Olympic games but the historical settings. I love seeing some of the famous places in the Vancouver area through this coverage.

I'm glad that the Olympics don't happen too often because you could get tired of it in a hurry. However, now that they are here, it is a nice change of pace to follow the athletes through the grueling days of competition. I look forward to the award ceremonies and the beaming faces of the medal winners. They are proof that hard work and dedication to a cause can take you to wonderful new places and give you rewards beyond words.