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Talking it over -- 2-11-10

Valentine's Day is this weekend and it is a time for remembering those we love in special ways. It has always been a fun day especially for children and young lovers.

In grade school picking out the perfect Valentine for each of your friends was crucial. You didn't want someone to think you had a crush on them when you didn't and then again it was a great time to let 'special' people know that you liked them. However even as you carefully opened, read and re-read those Valentines, sometimes you realized quickly that your feelings are not returned.

Once you get beyond the adolescent years, Valentine's Day becomes a little more 'real' and sometimes easier to handle. Just the simple and thoughtful gifts become important. Some of my most memorable Valentine's were really quite simple.

I will always cherish the homemade Valentine's my children gave me. Sometimes they even included a coupon for a hug or kiss or to do a simple chore around the house. I quickly redeemed those gifts.

My husband has given me some great Valentine gifts over the years. I really liked the singing card and balloons, flowers and boxes of candy. There were even some years when singing Valentines were delivered to my office. However, some of the best Valentine gifts are just a night out together or with friends.

It really doesn't matter what your Valentine gift might be or even how it is delivered. The perfect Valentine is simply something said, done or given from the heart. Those are the Valentines that will be remembered the most.