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Talking it over -- 2-4-10

This weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to spend a few evenings with my grandson (along with his parents) at their home in Zimmerman. On the second night that we were there he asked me to help him put puzzles together. I was thrilled because this is something I really enjoy doing.

We had given him a large floor puzzle for Christmas and he had received a few other ones. I promptly got down on the floor to help him with the big 'Sponge Bob' floor puzzle and we had a great time finding where each piece went.

As we were working on the various puzzles, my daughter-in-law asked me about my love of puzzles. I told her about life on the farm and how quite often in the winter, when the power would go out, doing puzzles and playing games was the only way we could pass the time.

My mother also enjoyed doing puzzles and I believe she is the one who taught me how to sort the pieces by color, set aside the edge pieces to be assembled first and then to work in one area at a time looking at the picture and matching the colors as well as the pieces.

These are some of the things I tried to teach my grandson as we worked on his puzzles and I was surprised at how quickly he picked up on the short-cuts. He would look at a piece, its color and shape and then determine if it would fit in the spot he was trying to fill. If not he set it aside and looked for the pieces that had all the right properties. Before we knew it he had all 70 pieces in place and was proudly showing everyone his accomplishment.

It was so fun to watch him work on this simple form of entertainment. I am currently also working on my own puzzles but the ones I do have just a few more pieces. However if Tristyn continues as he has been, before we know it, he will be helping me complete my 1000-1500 piece puzzles when he comes to visit.