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A friend of this community

Hancock lost a good friend last week. Lila Wink was not just a friend to many of us, but a person who I would term as a friend to the entire community. She did so much for others and also a lot for school, church and community. She will be missed.

I knew Lila a little as I grew up in Hancock because her son Tom was in my class. I was familiar with the beauty shop she operated out of her home and with the other members of the family, especially the girls, Lynda and Colleen.

However, I really got to know Lila when my husband and I owned a business in town and we served on the Hancock Commercial Club together. Lila was an excellent example to the younger business owners as to what it meant to be loyal to your community.

She was constantly working at suppers, providing food and organizing events. Even after she closed her beauty shop, she remained on the Commercial Club just to help support the community.

One of the biggest contributions Lila made to our community was her dedication to the Bloodmobile. I don't even know how many years she served as the chairman but it was a lot. This involved many, many hours several times a year. Her dedication to this drive probably helped save many lives.

Lila had a lot of struggles in her life, losing her husband and two children. She battled Parkinson disease for decades and in recent years it became difficult to do the things she loved most. That is when she turned to her friends who were often more than willing to help.

Over the last few years Marcia Greiner and myself have helped Lila decorate her home and later apartments for Christmas. We had a great time and Lila always treated us to good food when we returned to take it down. I loved hearing her tell about the ornaments her beauty shop customers gave her, the angels she received when her daughter was sick and the crocheted, lighted Christmas tree she purchased from my mother and cherished like all her other decorations.

This last Christmas Marcia and I once again went to help her out by decorating her room at West Wind Village. However, on this trip Lila was not there, instead she was in the hospital. I stopped up to see her when we were done and had a wonderful visit. I told her we would enjoy some pizza together when we returned to take the decorations down. Little did I know that that would be my last visit with my friend and mentor.

I will miss Lila as will so many others in this community. However, we have all been blessed to have her as part of our lives and our community has been blessed to have her as a faithful servant.