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Talking It Over: Moving, shaking at the theatre

Almost daily there is some type of new technology hitting the market and for the most part, many of these raise little to no interest on my part. However, last year when I heard about the new type of movie theatre seats that are made to move or shake to the scenes on screen, I took notice.

Just the thought of how these seats could actually make you feel a part of a movie was both intriguing and a bit frightening. I began to think about some of my favorite movies from the past and wondered how it would feel to be part of that movie.

For example, in the movie "Titanic," what would it feel like to actually roll and tip to the side as the ship listed and rolled? In "Pearl Harbor," would your seat actually make you jump with each bomb blast and hit the ground with the crashes? In the movies involving high impact and torture, would you feel things like tasers, bullet strikes or suffocation? Would you feel the extreme heat or cold of some movies? The curiosity factor could go on and on along with the possibilities.

This new technology made me think of some of the "old" ways we used to experience movies and the "new" things that changed them forever. I can recall the thrill of sitting in the comfort of your car at a drive-in theatre with a box hanging on the window to provide the sound. It was often difficult for those seated in the backseat to hear and see the movie, probably why many of the backseat occupants found other forms of entertainment!

Eventually we were introduced to those wonderful 3-D glasses. What fun it was to see things on screen not visible to the naked eye. However, it was only those who had possession of the glasses who were able to enjoy the extra features. We spent a lot of time imagining what others were describing to be on screen.

Watching movies at home became more popular with VCRs, and pretty soon, along with these, we were able to have something once only available in movie theatres -- surround sound. I can remember some of the first movies we watched at home with surround sound. I kept looking behind me thinking someone was back there talking or screaming.

Movie theatres and watching movies in general have come a long way since those first black and white features. Who would have ever imagined that some day we could actually feel like we were part or present in the movie simply by sitting in a special seat. It is definitely something I would like to try at some point but I will also be a little selective about the movie, and thus the motions, I will be experiencing.