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Talking it over -- 1-7-10

As another year dawns we are faced with some big decisions. One of which is what we should make as a New Year's resolution.

Over the years I have made many resolutions and in probably 99 percent of the cases, was unable to fulfill my desire. Some of these included losing weight, maintaining a constant positive attitude, make more money, or stay in better touch with extended family.

I start out the month of January pretty gung-ho on the resolution but by the start of February my desire is waning, my spirit depressed and a new resolution starts to take form: to never make another New Year's resolution that I can not attain.

Therefore I have started to set more realistic goals. At the start of the year I make a mental note of things that just have not gotten done over the year or, in some cases, years. These include things like cleaning out a closet or store room, getting my carpets cleaned, painting a room or two or even completing some remodeling project.

Along with these 'not-so-fun' goals I also try to add a few 'fun' ones. For example to read a book that is out of my normal reading style, learn a new game, experiment with at least one new recipe a month and shop 'just for me' every so often. If I had the desire I could add a few more difficult goals like going mountain climbing or running a marathon but here again I would probably just be setting myself up for failure. I would love to set a goal to visit one new country a year but once again - just not realistic.

So my primary goal for 2010 is to keep things 'real' and to set resolutions that I might actually accomplish. However, just in case, I am not going to tell anyone what my resolutions are so only I will know if I have completed them. If not, there is always next year.