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Talking it over 11-26-09

Have you ever noticed how Minnesotans can be obsessed with parades? For that matter you could also say that most Americans love a good parade.

Here in Minnesota we try to cram in as many parades as possible during our warmer months. During nearly every weekend from mid-May through mid-September you can find a parade somewhere in the state and often multiple parades on some weekends.

We sit in uncomfortable lawn chairs, on blankets or curbs through freezing cold and blistering heat and wait patiently for those fire truck sirens heralding the start of a parade. Then we relax and enjoy the bands, queens, floats, politicians, clowns and horses that roll past. An extra reward for our attendance comes in the form of candy, gifts, certificates and other treats passed out by parade participants. At the end of a good parade we often find ourselves smiling and thankful that we took the time to attend.

Beyond the summer parades we are starting to see a few other parades thrown in. Last week Morris held their annual Parade of Lights similar to ones like the Holidazzle parade in downtown Minneapolis. This coming week we will be able to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.

In recent years there have been some other types of parades emerging. We now have things such as a Parade of Homes or parades for special holidays such as Easter, St. Patrick's, Syttende Mai and Mardi Gras. You might also be able to enjoy a parade if a team you follow wins a championship or during a send-off to state competition. We hold parades to honor our soldiers when they go off to or return from war.

Parades can come in all types and for a variety of reasons. A good parade depicting a fun event can be very uplifting for our spirits. Simply watching the excited faces of the children and adults attending or participating can bring a smile to your own face. If ever you need something to boost your mood, I encourage you to do what many other Minnesotans and Americans do, watch, participate or attend a good old parade.