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Frightening and fruitful hunt

Another deer hunting season is over for our party and I have to say it will be one of my more memorable ones. It was a fruitful hunt, a lot of fun and at one point a bit frightening.

The hunt officially began for my friend Marcia Greiner and I late Thursday afternoon. Marcia picked me up and we started our adventure. As we were going to our stands, not more than 30 minutes into the hunt, we spotted a deer about 25 yards ahead of us. I quickly loaded my gun and took one shot at the deer. To our surprise it dropped immediately and we then looked at each other, not sure what to do next.

Since the deer didn't die right away I had to walk up to it, look it in the eye and 'finish it off' as our fellow hunters put it. That was not as easily done as they tell it. I proceeded to miss it in the next four shots. Eventually the deer was 'finished off' and safely transported home. It was not a large deer, considered a small buck, but we were pretty proud of our accomplishments even though we took a little razzing about the size.

The next morning Marcia was busy so I went out to my stand in the dark and sat there for a few hours. This is one of my favorite times, especially when the weather cooperates like this weekend. I watched as the sun came up, the frost glistened on the grass, the geese noisily left the lake and the countryside came alive around me.

There were no deer moving near me that morning so I eventually decided to get up and stretch my legs a bit. As I stood I happened to glance up at the roof over me and spotted a tiny mouse looking down at me. I immediately considered grabbing my gun and getting rid of the threat but knew that would put a large hole in my protection from the elements. Instead I packed up my gear and got out as quick as I could.

I decided that I would not sit there again until the mouse was evicted from my property. This suited the guys just fine as they proceeded to take turns sitting there and even got a deer out of it one evening.

This left Marcia and I to other locations which turned out okay since I managed to get more shooting in during the next few days. However there were no more deer for the women. The rest of the party did pretty well and we have plenty of deer meat for our freezers. We also have many more stories to tell, memories added, a few sore muscles and a couple bruises from shooting the gun. All in all I have to say it was a very fun, fruitful and, on occasion, frightening hunt.