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Talking it over -- 11-5-09

It felt like October would never end. I usually don't get this depressing feeling of long, drawn out days until February or March but with the wet, dark and dreary days of October it seemed like the month was going on forever. It looks as if we are finally in for a brief reprieve from this dismal weather and hopefully it will be long enough for everyone to get all the harvest and fall projects complete before the real winter weather arrives.

It is surprising how much the weather can affect our moods and basically our well-being. Just a tiny bit of sunshine can raise spirits a great deal and being able to actually spend time outdoors feels absolutely wonderful. Even though you feel tired and sluggish on cold, rainy days, it is sometimes difficult to sleep because you simply have not done enough work to tire your mind and body.

The dreariness of a season can reflect in the work you do, conversations you hold and even the way you treat other people. When a person feels depressed or closed-in due to weather, it is easy to snap at others, dwell in self-pity and just close down emotionally. It is a dangerous place to go. I have found myself at that point a few times and quickly give myself a pep talk that includes reminders of the many good things going on in my life.

Now before you think I am talking to myself all the time, I want to clarify that I have found that these situations usual correspond directly with bad weather. If I am 'forced' to remain indoors or even at home during bad weather, my mind quickly turns to self-pity. Now if I 'choose' to remain at home or inside, it is a totally different mind-set.

I am not sure what the solution is to keeping a positive attitude during bad weather. Perhaps if I put up a picture of sunshine in my windows or planned a trip to warmer climates during the midst of winter, it might help to some degree. However, somehow I have to convince myself that bad weather is part of life, my outdoor work will get done no matter how long it takes and the sun will eventually come out again. I also have to realize that being confined indoors is not always a bad thing. After all it is nice and warm, there is lots of food to eat, entertainment and hobbies keep me occupied and my recliner is much more comfortable than the lawn mower.