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Newspapers work wonders

A few years ago, I ran a contest in the newspaper asking readers to submit as many uses for a newspaper that they could think of. We received a lot of great responses and quickly shared the long list of ideas as to how to use a newspaper. However, my daughter and granddaughter added one more to that list this weekend.

In recent weeks, Jaedyn has expressed some interest in the potty chair my daughter and son-in-law purchased and placed strategically in their bathroom. After turning two, she became curious as to how this whole 'potty' thing worked, so her parents purchased some adorable new underwear, a bunch of stickers, some books to read and decided to set aside last weekend for potty training.

So as not to distract her, grandpa and I stayed away until Sunday night. We stopped in to see how things were going and learned that for the initial try it was about 50-50. She was having nearly as many accidents as successes. We kept encouraging both Jaedyn and her parents, telling them that these things take time and lots and lots of patience.

This morning when I arrived at work I had this wonderful email from my daughter with a picture of Jaedyn on the potty chair, reading the 'paypa', as she put it. I couldn't have been more proud. I know that there are a lot of people who read the newspaper while going to the bathroom and perhaps Jaedyn is going to be one more of them. Nothing was shared in the email as to if it worked or not but it was still pretty cute to see a two year old reading the paper while learning one of life's basic practices.

The entire process made me realize how quickly our little granddaughter is growing up. Before long she will be completely out of the diaper stage and moving on to new adventures and challenges in her life. They really do grow up fast and I am so happy that my husband and I are able to share in each of these new stages of her life. I am also pretty proud that the newspaper can play even a small role in her life now and I know it will continue to be part of her future.