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Treasure Hunting

Last week I took a couple days off from work and entertained my five year old grandson. My husband and I met our son and grandson midway from the cities on Wednesday night and Tristyn returned home with us to spend some time by the lake. Despite the nasty weather we were able to have a great time and even some big adventures.

Thursday was cold and windy, but I had already devised a plan for entertaining Tristyn that day. After picking up my nieces' son, Eric, we all dressed warmly, packed a little snack, grabbed flashlights, pails and shovels and headed out along the lake shore for a treasure hunt. The boys thought it was wonderful as we walked along the beach, climbed over and under fallen trees and scanned the area for hidden treasure. They even kept a look-out on the lake for possible pirate ships.

We walked on and stopped a few times to have a snack or pick up some discarded item that they decided was treasure. After a while we came upon a set of bones sticking straight up out of the sand. The boys were fascinated and decided that they had to be dinosaur bones, probably from a triceratops. They carefully brushed away the sand and excavated the bones, placing them with upmost care in their bag. We finished the walk and then headed up the bank and across a grassy stretch where we found a road that took us back home.

The boys chattered all the way back about their adventure while I picked burrs and preachers lice off of gloves, hats and shoelaces. We found a bunch of deer tracks, a mound of box elder bugs and heard noises in the trees that were probably coyotes (according to their imaginations). Upon reaching home we carefully placed all the treasures on the patio table to display for everyone who came to visit.

It was a great afternoon and my grandson talked about it the entire time he was there even though we also went bowling, swimming, to a movie and on a fire truck ride. He just thought the treasure hunt was the best. We tried to duplicate it the next day by going the other direction along the lakeshore, however we weren't quite as successful in finding treasure that way.

I also had a great time even though it was a little more difficult for me to climb over and under the trees. It brought back a lot of memories of my youth when we would wander along those same shore and look for treasure. I was so happy to be able to share this type of unique fun with my grandson and let him know that you don't always need to have toys, movies or games to have fun. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of imagination.