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Talking it over -- Hancock Record 9-24-09

As we prepare to make our move to the Morris office, Joyce and I have been busy sorting through cupboards, boxes, file cabinets and desk drawers trying to decide what needs to be kept and what can be discarded. It is astounding how quickly our garbage cans fill up as we finally throw away some things that probably should have been discarded years ago.

There are many things that I have kept throughout the years in the event that I might need them 'someday'. However, after 17 years, if some day has not yet arrived, it is probably time to get rid of it.

While I am sorting I am also finding a lot of stuff that I just can't part with. There is a large box of old pictures dating back to the late 1800s. There are stories, notes and observations taken while compiling the towns history and for All-School Reunion books. There are pictures of many of the big construction projects completed over the years in Hancock. I also, sadly, have a file of many businesses and people who have come and gone in this town.

I know we will not have a lot of space for all our things in Morris but I am hoping to make room for as much as we can. As we start to pack up and prepare to move we have also compiled a list of furniture and equipment that we no longer need. Please check out the list on the Classified Page in this paper of things we are giving away or selling very cheap just to get rid of them. You never know, what may no longer be needed by us, can be a treasure for others.

This will be the last issue of the Record produced here in Hancock however, it will not be the last issue of the paper. Over the last 110 years there have been many changes in how, where and when the paper has been produced and published. This is just one more small change but when it comes to making the move, it really seems like a big task.