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Not an easy column to write

Change is not always welcome or even anticipated but sometimes is simply necessary. In the last 17 years of my working at the Hancock Record, we have seen many, many changes and with each one I have taken on a bold front and approached them with acceptance and hope. This latest change will be a challenge for me to accept in this same manner but none the less one that I realize must be done.

Hancock has been my home all my life. I know the people, the places, the businesses, the school and basically all that an editor could know almost like the back of my hand. I absolutely LOVE working here and enjoy talking to and interacting with the people every day. However, that will change to some degree as we close our Hancock office and move most of our operations to the Morris Sun Tribune office.

It is a move that has been discussed at various times over the years but something I had hoped would never happen. However, with the economic situation as it is today, our newspapers have taken a hit and this is one of the casualties.

The good news is that we will still have a newspaper in Hancock. It will take a bit more strategic planning and hopefully understanding on the part of a lot of people but with everyone's help we will keep this paper going for as long as we possibly can.

Part of my working day will be spent at home and part in the office. I will also be making regular stops in town, at the school and area businesses. I will still attend the public meetings, concerts, sporting events and every other event needed to keep you informed. I hope to make my presence known as much as possible. If you need to talk to me or Joyce please feel free to either call me at home or call the Hancock Record number and ask for one of us. We will continue to make every effort to maintain our personal relationship with our readers.

Now for another part of my concern. We cannot fight the battle to keep our newspapers going without your help. That can be said for all small town papers. We need your support through renewals, new subscriptions, advertisements, submitted articles and simple verbal or written support. We need your classified ads, your cards of thanks, your public notices and every simple little thing that is the key part of a successful newspaper. I know there are many people who choose to read the news on line, however not everything from a newspaper is on the web. A lot of good, important information can be missed by not having a newspaper in your hand or available to look at.

The changes we are making at the Hancock Record could help save us or take us down. It is up to you, the public, to help us make it work. We need your support, understanding and most of all your desire to keep a newspaper here in Hancock.

In closing I want to explain the way that I am looking at this which is helping me to accept it. They often say that a church is not a building, but rather the people. You can still have a church without the structure. The newspaper is not necessarily just a location but rather a product. While we do need a place to work, the resulting product does not reflect on that location. We can and will continue to publish a paper wherever we are. We are not just an office but rather a source of information for and of the people.