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Talking It Over -- Students, enjoy the best years of your young lives

The buses come and go, the school doors are open once more. The first day of another school year is history, and for many lucky students a new school year is under way.

I'm sure some of these students would not agree with me when I say they are lucky. However, they have the world by the tail, so to speak, because of the opportunities and benefits they are getting from a free public education.

The education that so many take for granted is a prized possession in other countries and even in some areas of this country. We have so much to be thankful for what our school systems have to offer to our children.

A good education is the No. 1 priority in our public school system. Everything possible is done to ensure that our children can study a variety of subjects, along with the basic courses they need. In some instances, very inventive methods have come along to make these available, such as computer courses and Interactive Television transmissions.

Over and above a good education, students are learning to socialize, they're learning sportsmanship and how to prepare for life in the world outside the classroom.

Being in a classroom with other students is the perfect opportunity to experience different personalities and temperaments. You learn how to cooperate with others, share ideas, concerns and outlooks.

The classroom scene also prepares you for the future by teaching you to apply yourself to your work, respect and listen to the person in charge and realize the benefits from your efforts.

Sportsmanship is something not only learned as an athlete but also as a spectator. It comes into view in musical events, speech contests, and plays as well as sporting events. Being a team member means giving encouragement rather than criticism and helping others learn along the way.

I encourage the students to enjoy these years and to really put forth their best efforts to learn all they can in every aspect. As you will probably hear very often, these are the best days of your life.