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Talking It Over -- Summer memories remain as school year begins

I can't believe that it is already Labor Day weekend and on Tuesday the new school year will begin. It seems like summer passed so quickly and I have so much left that I want to do.

In late May, I diligently planted my garden, watched and waited as the tiny seeds began to grow. Now, those plants are filled with produce and there simply aren't enough hours in the day to harvest, clean, store and preserve the product. I just try to do a little bit each evening and slowly but surely it is getting done.

As one vegetable is completed for the year another takes off. Therefore, I am able to remove some of the finished plants and make room for others to expand. Now, as I look out my kitchen window, there are some bare spots in the garden and in other areas it looks like one solid plant. The garden scene is constantly changing and re-arranging.

As I drive through the countryside there is evidence that summer is nearing an end. The crops are reaching maturity and some are starting to take on golden colors indicating their ripeness. It won't be long and the combines, semis, tractors and wagons will be making those trips up and down the rows, gathering the crops. It is almost sad to see the beautiful green fields become barren and black.

I do enjoy the beauty of fall but I prefer the warm, fresh days of summer. It is such a beautiful season, with new crops, brightly colored flowers, freshly mowed lawns and clear blue skies. As these colors take on fall hues, it is just another reminder that winter is not far behind.

In my opinion, we have had a very beautiful summer. Not overly hot, just enough rain and lots of nice weekends. Now, as I start to spend more time indoors I can have fond memories of some great hours spent outdoors over the summer months. Hopefully, as our school children return to classes they can also take with them some good memories from the summer they left behind.