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Talking it over -- Hancock Record 9-3-09

Go slowly, August,

we cannot part with Summer yet.

Each evening brings its own regret -

A crunch of brown in fading grass,

A cooling sign of winds that pass,

A hint of smoky Summer haze,

The subtle shortening of the days.

Wait, August, cling fast to summer's song;

Once here, Fall and Winter lasts too long.

Tell Autumn "stay," our Summer is not yet done;

Let the pond waves run in the morning sun.

This poem by an unknown author sums up my feelings about the seasons. We can already detect the slowly shortening of the daylight hours and cooler evenings. We can also notice the flocking of birds as the young are now grown and strengthening their wings in preparation for their flight to the warmer regions for the winter months. We notice that the remaining field crops have stopped growing taller but are maturing instead.

Throughout the ages nature follows the same patterns and the years pass despite our wishes for time to just slow down a bit. With fall comes the busy, busy harvest season. Our fields and farmyards will be full of harvesting equipment and the roads to and from will be a hive of activity.

As we approach this time of year, I hope that everyone will take just a little extra time to think about safety. Even if we are not working 'on the farm', we are still sharing our roads and parts of our lives with those who are. We need to be patient, considerate and understanding. Watch out for others in the field, on the farm and traveling on the roads.

I have to add that this also applies when it comes to going 'Back-to-school'. Be watchful of our children as they walk to and from school, give school buses extra leeway when it comes to following or going around them. You never know when an excited young person could dart out from behind.

Safety seems to be a good theme for the month of September. As we get back into the swing of things and times get just a little bit busier, we also need to be careful, considerate and congenial. Take a deep breath, say good-bye to summer and step into a lovely, busy and fun-filled Fall.