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Talking it over -- Hancock Record 8-27-09

There seems to be a lot of give and take going on at this time of year. As garden plants begin to bear fruit and gardeners fill their freezers and cupboards, the excess is often spread among family, friends and neighbors. Farmers also get into the giving by sharing their extra sweet corn with those who crave the delicious treat.

After waiting for weeks and weeks my garden suddenly seems to be taking off. Most of the produce is a few weeks behind including my tomatoes and cucumbers. However the beans, beets, cabbage, onions and zucchini have been bearing nicely so we have had many meals of fresh vegetables.

As these items ripen we usually have plenty of extra so try to keep family and friends supplied. I have found that my green bean plants just don't want to quit this year and I have finally decided I need to just pull them out. However this is hard to do when you see all the nice blossoms still coming on the plants.

So I picked my beans one more time and bagged them up to give away. It is fun to share this fresh produce especially with those who truly appreciate the flavor of and work involved with the homegrown products.

I feel that by sharing my extras I am just paying back the many favors others do for me. There are so many little things that friends, family and neighbors do for each other throughout the year and sometimes a simple thank you does not seem like enough. Therefore I like to do as the following saying goes -- "Your own life will lighten; if other lives you brighten."

I hope your day is just a little brighter because you shared with others or graciously received a gift from someone during this time of giving and taking.