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Letters to the Editor

Honest concerns

about health care

Government-run health care?! You'd better believe it! It's called Medicare. When it comes to health care, our current system needs help. About 45 million Americans -- could be your neighbor? Could we be next? -- are without health insurance. About 14,000 lose their coverage each day. And the cost of coverage continues to rise astronomically taking a terrible toll on our economy.

For the future strength of our country, we need health care reform now. We need to give every American a fair chance at a healthy and productive life. And we need to listen to the honest concerns of all citizens -- and thoughtfully reject the unsubstantiated and mean-spirited lies being spewed forth.

Nancy Carpenter


A great horse

show in Morris

I wanted to take a moment to thank the community of Morris, Minnesota for a great horse show put on by your area Traildusters Saddle Club last month. As an alumni of the University of Minnesota, Morris, I have taken great pride in coming to your horse activities. This past show was run so smooth and efficient and the club represented your community with an A-plus rating (I'm a teacher). Thank you to the sponsors! A list of who you were was read and posted at the show. Without the help from local businesses these shows couldn't be put on. Thank you to the club. Everyone from the entry personnel, ring crew, announcer, gate keeper, and those who worked long hours to put the show together by getting sponsors, advertising, and buying the eggs. It takes lots and lots of man hours to put on a show that runs so well. So to you, Morris, Minnesota, thank you for keeping those opportunities available for people to come and enjoy your community.

Kathleen Rittenour

Fergus Falls

Is UMM hiring

process fair?

The article "Butler named UMM Sports Information Director" has sparked me to write this letter. It is just the latest example of the atrocious job that the local university system does during their hiring process. I am not writing to say that their recent hire is not the guy for the job, or that he isn't qualified. He may very well be. Gone are the days that well-qualified individuals are granted an interview to compete head-to-head for a position. In the recent past, it seems as if applicants have been split into two categories as resumes are received. Those resumes that are from the spouses of university professors in one group and everyone else in another. It seems that there is an underlying fear that professors may leave the university if a job is not found for their spouse. Because of this fear, jobs are filled with the professors' spouses while well-qualified -- sometimes better qualified -- Morris residents are turned away. I pose this question to anyone reading this letter. Which of the following two candidates would you choose for the sports information director? 1.) An applicant that has a degree in "American Studies" and experience in radio in a small Alaskan town? 2.) An applicant that has a degree in Sports Management with coursework in venue management and experience working for a professional sports team (NHL) in tickets sales and player appearances (radio/tv/autograph sessions)? P.S. Applicant No. 2 wasn't even granted an interview.

Seth Miller


Cap X2020

feedback helpful

We would like to thank everyone that attended the recent transmission line meetings with regards to the CapX2020 project. We received helpful input to allow us to continue to become more aware of resident's concerns over proposed aspects of the project.

The proposed I-94 corridor route for the CapX2020 project appears to be the most logical proposal as you look at it on its face and with the feedback from residents of Douglas and Grant County. This plan is being proposed to upgrade our electric transmission infrastructure to satisfy our need for more renewable energies along with our job and population growth across the state, while trying to cause the least impact to preserve our areas of natural beauty and rural landscape. The I-94 route appears to be the plan that affects the least amount of people and takes advantage of the natural corridor that I-94 creates.

It's come to our attention that our own state Department of Transportation is objecting to this proposal. We will be working with legislators whose districts are also affected by the proposal to send a letter of support for the I-94 plan to the DOT Commissioner as the most logical route. We once again thank everyone that shared their opinion with us and we will keep you updated as this issue progresses.

Feel free to contact either one of us with your thoughts and concerns.

Bill Ingebrigtsen

Senator, District 11

Torrey Westrom


District 11A