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Talking it over -- Hancock Record 8-13-09

There are few things that make a person feel older than when you are asked to help compile a history 'because you can remember being there'.

Over the last few months our Homemakers Club has been trying to compile a history. Since it is the 150th anniversary year for the Extension, the Stevens County Clubs are putting together a history book that will be available to purchase at the fair. Each club has also been asked to put together a poster showing its history.

Since I am one of the longest standing members of our club, I have been able to answer a lot of questions, submit some information and also come up with a few old pictures. It has been interesting to say the least but also very humbling as I think back through the over 30 years that I have been a member of this club.

We have had a lot of members come and go, many have passed away, some moved away and others just could not find the time to remain in the club. During those years I have always entered several items at the county fair with mixed results and ultimately learned a lot about display, quality and appearance, and just what the judges are looking for. This naturally changes from time to time as new judges come into the picture.

Our club has had a lot of really fun times. We go on great trips together, laugh, learn and create during our meetings and celebrate together when a fellow member has success not only at the fair but throughout the year.

We have also grown outside of our club. We get together with other club members from the county for lessons, committees, trips and at the fair. We learn from each other, become great friends even as we compete and share ideas and experiences.

I can't wait to see the history book this weekend and take extra time looking through the many posters in the Homemakers Building. Our county is rather unique in the wonderful exhibits that continue to come in from members of our Homemakers Clubs. Many other counties struggle to get enough entries to fill a building like ours.

If you are going to the fair this weekend I encourage you to take some time to help the Extension Service and Stevens County Homemakers celebrate its 150th year. Stop in at the Homemakers Building and learn more about its wonderful history here in our county.