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Talking It Over -- Return of 'Deal' is the best deal

In my adolescence I remember a game show that I loved to watch. It was called "Let's Make a Deal". I anxiously awaited the time when it would begin and was spell-bound during the entire show.

Some of my favorite parts were waiting for Monty Hall to pick his players from the outrageously dressed audience, wondering what unique product he would ask them to disclose and then trying to guess which box or curtain contained the "good" prize and which held "bad" prizes.

The chosen guests were asked to trade their product which included things like a tube of lipstick, stick of gum, safety pin, feather, postage stamp or anything else Monty asked for, to be surrendered for a choice of the boxes or curtains on stage, which might contain things as great as a car, or, in some cases, other modes of transportation, like a donkey, goat or old bicycle.

I always felt sorry for the people who made the wrong choices, but sometimes at the end of the show they were given one more chance to trade for one of the three curtains. Here again, the prize wasn't always what they had hoped but the fun and surprise were worth it.

What made me remember this popular game show was a recent advertisement that the show would be returning to television this fall. I understand it will have a new host, Wayne Brady, with Monty Hall as advisor. I can only imagine what other unique changes will be incorporated into it. I am sure somewhere along the course there will be an opportunity to win some major money, like in all the game shows today.

No matter what changes they make, I am excited for the show to return. It was such good, healthy entertainment and offered more than a few laughs.

Many game shows have come and gone over the years, but it is becoming apparent that some classics just won't go away. Why try to change or improve on a good thing when it works? We can all learn a bit from these facts of life.