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Letters to the Editor

Pats on the back

for music fest

I have served on many fundraising events over my life here in Mo-town. When prompted last fall to work on a committee that would bring entertainment to town over Prairie Pioneer Days, I thought sure, let's try it. I have never worked on any project or served on any committee that had so much energy, with a drive to succeed.

I have to say this town can accomplish anything when we all work together. What's the old saying, "If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything"? Well Morris, put a feather in your cap for this one -- mission accomplished. The turnout was unbelievable for committee members, workers, food vendors, attendees and, of course, the sponsors for the "Rock the Groundz" music fest at the Stevens County Fair Grounds on July 11. To all of you who sponsored this event, thank you for supporting something fun for the community. To all that worked it, pat yourselves on the back. To all who attended it, thank you for coming. To those of you that didn't make it? There is next year to plan for.

Doug Storck


PPD a great 'staycation'

Just a note of thanks and gratitude to the Morris community for the great Prairie Pioneer Days weekend! Sandy Grove, Karen Arnold, Chris Staebler and Corinne Kirk are to be commended for all their efforts and hard work and great ideas "leading the charge" that made this weekend a success! Ken and I enjoyed so many things, it is impossible to mention them all, but some highlights for us were: The Family Feud Game (What a hoot!), the many vendors, great food, inflatable water rides (our grandson loved these!), the Kiwanis Talent Shows, and the Morris Public Library sponsoring mystery writer Monica Ferris! Thanks, too, to those who gave the Band Shell a painting and face lift! It looks beautiful! Even the weather was perfect (Thank you, God!). We have always enjoyed Prairie Pioneer days, but this year's was one of the best. As we heard on the news the other night, one of the new words added to the dictionary this year is "staycation:" a vacation where one stays near home in one's own community for relaxation and fun. Thanks to Prairie Pioneer Days in Morris, we had a great "staycation" this summer!


and Ken Hodgson