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Talking it over -- A good country doctor

This area lost a wonderful man and good country doctor last week. Dr. O.A. Eide served this area for many years as a doctor and spent many of those years right here in Hancock. There are many people who have fond memories of him and his family and probably several who have reasons to thank him for his excellent care.

Growing up in Hancock Dr. Eide was our family doctor as he was to virtually everyone in the community and surrounding area. He not only fixed up bad cuts and broken bones, but he delivered babies, gave eye exams, prescribed medications and was a comforting soul to turn to when times got very tough. I am fairly certain there were even times when he made 'house calls' or 'accident responses'.

I guess in today's fields of specialty he would be called a Family Practitioner as he served all members of the family. However, he could also be termed a surgeon, optometrist, gynecologist, pediatrician, oncologist, urologist, allergist and so much more.

A good thing about one doctor carrying so many titles is that he or she really knows what is going on in all aspects of your medical life. When that same doctor is a good friend, member of your community, involved in church, school and community organizations, there is also a good chance that he or she will know a bit about your personal life. That can also be a good thing when it comes to your medical health.

We still have country doctors to some extent. While they no longer make house calls or trade produce for service, they are still your friends, neighbors, parents of your children's friends, fellow parishioners, co-workers and much more.

Dr. Eide was a wonderful country doctor and a great example for those who have followed in this profession. Even though he has been retired for several years, his memory lives on in the lives of many people. His care, concern and comfort are just a part of what made him a great country doctor.